AVIATRON Company was registered on January 27, 1989 in Zhukovsky Moscow region, registration No. 74. Russian pioneers in the air, we were also among those firsts who started their business in the last years of Perestroika.

From the first days our basic areas were the development and manufacture of aeronautical and ultralight aviation vehicles, aviation instruments and equipment.

Working with the City hanglider club we have manufactured and tested ULM - hangliders with motor. They are still in use for the club flights and teaching needs of new pilots in Zhukovsky city hanglider club.

Seven years ago we developed production of hot air balloons, used in tourist and advertising purposes. We like ballooning so much that since then we take part in all state ballooning competitions.

You can contact us at: Tel/fax: +7(095) 556-6106 E-mail: aviatron@pt.comcor.ru Or post: P.o.box 279, Zhukovsky-2, Moscow region, 140180, RUSSIA

Or you can visit us, performing a phone call beforehand. If you drive from Moscow, you should start at Volgogradsky prospect, take about 6-km ride till the turn to Bykovo airport. Since you turn there, in 14 km you would reach the City of Zhukovsky, the Center of Russian Aviation..

Keep on going through the city along the main street, which started at the entrance of the city. Keep on going tally face ""Y"-shaped crossroad, " with an fighter in the center of it. Turn left and, after the railroad, left again, around the MChS building. Next yellow one store building down this street would be the city ROSTO club, where we have our office.

Good luck! :)